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Non-Robotic Podiatry Procedures

You rely on your feet to take you places – but when you experience an injury such as an ankle fracture or a chronic condition, such as a hammer toe, using your foot and/or ankle becomes a painful and questionable option. Podiatric surgery at miVIP Surgery Centers focuses on the surgical correction and treatment of conditions affecting the foot and ankle.

Using the latest procedures and techniques, surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers are able to address a number of podiatric conditions, including:

  • Bunions, or hallux vargus, that forms a hard bump on the outer portion of your big toe that leads to pain and deformity of the toe joint.
  • Hammer toe, or a toe that is curled at the very end, making the toe appear claw-like. A hammer toe can be a highly painful condition, causing pain when you walk or point or flex your foot.
  • Injuries affecting the foot and ankle, such as a toe sprain, ankle sprain or ankle fracture.
  • Osteoarthritis in the foot and ankle that can cause deformity in the joint, swelling and chronic pain.
  • Tendon pain affecting the Achilles tendon that runs over the back of the ankle or peroneal tendons that run on the outer portion of the ankle.


Podiatry Procedures Performed

If you are considering a podiatric procedure, your miVIP Surgery Centers physician will conduct a thorough physical assessment. You will be asked to describe the type of pain you experience, what makes the pain worsen, how long you have been experiencing the condition and your goals related to your surgical outcome. Because a number of approaches exist to the treatment of common podiatric conditions such as a bunion, these questions and possible imaging evaluation can help your surgeon determine the best approach for you given your overall health.

Podiatry procedures performed at miVIP Surgery Centers include:

Bunionectomy to remove the bulging, bony portion of your foot, which can place less pressure on your foot and toe joint. Additional approaches to bunion treatment include realignment of the ligaments that pull on your big toe to help the toe straighten and reduce tension and inflexibility in the toe.

Foot & ankle surgery to repair fractured or otherwise damaged feet or ankles. Corrective tools such as pins and screws may be used to hold the delicate bones in place to ensure you do not experience a recurring injury.

Hammer toe surgery, which involves cutting damaged tendons that can cause the toe to curl and/or removing damaged portions of bone that can cause pain. Pins may be applied to keep the toe in place and allow it to properly heal.


Whatever the surgical need, discuss the procedure, risks and recovery period with your miVIP physician. Many patients experience excellent post-surgical outcomes that include less pain, swelling and discomfort related to the foot and ankle condition. Thanks to these and other podiatry procedures, you can finally take a walk without experiencing pain, swelling, tingling and/or numbness.

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