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Walk comfortably again with miVIP's podiatric treatments

The experienced and accredited podiatry specialists at miVIP Surgery Centers recognize how crucial it is to return to your regular daily activities as quickly as possible, which is why our centers offer minimally invasive podiatric procedures with significantly shorter recovery times than traditional open procedures.

A journey of a thousand steps starts with one step sounds simple, until you suffer from painful foot or ankle problems. Given our busy lives, it is easy to take your feet for granted, until something goes wrong and every daily activity becomes a painful challenge.

The medical field of podiatry is focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions and injuries affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. miVIP Surgery centers perform a range of common minimally invasive non-robotic podiatric procedures in an outpatient setting including:


Podiatric surgery can be used to treat a range of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg, including:

  • Bunion: an enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe, often caused by irritation and/or inflammation from an overly mobile joint or shoes that do not fit well.
  • Hammer toe: a deformity of one or more toes where the middle joint is bent and the toe's end is pointed down like a claw, often caused by shoes that are too tight or poorly fitted, which keep the toes bent for prolonged periods.
  • Injury


Podiatric conditions can lead to a variety of symptoms including:

  • Calloused, red skin on the inside base of the big toe
  • A painful, bony bump over the big toe joint
  • Big toe turned toward other toes
  • Pain and discomfort when walking or wearing shoes
  • Loss mobility in the toes
  • Corns on the top joints of the toes
  • Callouses on the soles of the toes

If you would like more information about podiatric treatments offered by miVIP Surgery Centers, please call 888-996-4847 or use our Contact Us form and one of our Patient Advocate staff will contact you at the time you indicate.

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