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Joint Replacement at Our Los Angeles Center

miVIP can help you banish joint pain forever

With miVIP, you don't have to suffer joint pain anymore. When other treatments are no longer effective and joint pain and loss of function are impacting your daily life, the experienced surgeons at miVIP offer a range of surgeries to replace or reconstruct joints. Leaders in minimally invasive procedures, our joint replacement and orthopaedic specialists can solve even the most persistent joint problems to return you to daily activities as soon as possible. Compared to traditional joint replacement, minimally invasive procedures offer limited scarring, less recovery pain and fewer complications.

Do you have a joint that is so swollen and stiff that you have difficulty walking, climbing stairs, bathing, using a chair or even sleeping? If so, you need pain relief.

Have you tried an assortment of non-invasive arthritis treatments? Have you changed your diet, tried various exercises and physical therapy, used canes or braces, and taken pain medications, yet you still can't live your daily life because of the pain? Joint replacement surgery may be the solution for your painful and debilitating arthritis.

The surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers offer non-robotic outpatient treatment options for joint-pain problems caused by trauma or arthritis, including:

  • Reconstructive Arthroplasty reconstructs or replaces an arthritic or non-functioning joint. For rheumatoid arthritis, arthroplasty can restore function to or correct a misshapen joint. A joint's bones can be reshaped, or all or part of a joint can be replaced with metal or plastic parts.
  • Total Joint Replacement replaces the ends of both bones in a damaged joint, thereby creating new joint surfaces. Replacement joints may be attached to the bones. The most common joint replacements are of the knee and hip.


Joint replacement is commonly used to treat joints damaged by arthritis and injury.


Joint replacement surgery may be recommended if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe, chronic pain in a joint
  • Swelling around a joint
  • Stiff joint

If you would like more information about the joint replacement options offered by miVIP Surgery Centers, please call 888-996-4847 or use our Contact Us form and we will reply promptly at a time you indicate.

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