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da Vinci ® Robotic Wedge Resections at Our Los Angeles Center

da Vinci wedge resections are designed to remove cancerous tissue from the lung while leaving as much healthy lung tissue intact as possible. The use of minimally invasive robotic surgical techniques along with this conservative oncological treatment may help preserve lung function and speed recovery.

Who Is a Candidate for Wedge Resection?

Patients who may consider da Vinci wedge resections at miVIP Surgery Centers are those with a very small tumor and little chance that the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes. Modern imaging technology means cancer may be caught earlier than ever before, providing a better chance of removing it before the entire lobe is affected. For these patients, minimizing the trauma of surgery, the recovery time and the after effects of living with reduced lung capacity may be important treatment goals. Research into long-term results and survival rates for wedge resection vs. lobectomy in patients with early stage tumors is still ongoing. So this is a decision that patients should make in consultation with a full oncological treatment team based on the best available information.

Benefits of da Vinci Wedge Resections

Compared to an open thoracotomy for lung surgery, the robotic approach at miVIP Surgery Centers has a great deal of potential for higher patient satisfaction:

  • No hospital stay rather than four to six days in the hospital
  • Blood loss is minimized
  • Complications during and after surgery are less likely
  • Scarring is limited to several small (1 to 2 centimeter) areas where instruments are inserted
  • Pain after the procedure is more manageable and resolves quicker
  • Recovery and return to normal activities is usually much faster (two weeks of recovery rather than four)


The revolutionary da Vinci approach also provides benefits over traditional video-assisted minimally invasive surgical techniques. The equipment can be used with much more precision and the surgeon’s view of the tissues involved is very detailed. In the hands of an experienced miVIP surgeon, da Vinci makes it possible to resect the diseased portion of the lung with greater accuracy while leaving surrounding structures intact. This is critical for ensuring the remaining portions of the lung function well after surgery. The da Vinci Surgical System isn’t just used to prolong the life of cancer survivors; it's designed to enhance their quality of life, as well.

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