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Long-Term Solution to Weight-Loss - The Gastric Band

If you are experiencing obesity related health conditions that are not controllable with diet and exercise alone, then it may be time to think about bariatric or weight loss surgery. One of the less drastic and less complicated weight loss surgeries continues to be the gastric band, commonly known as the “lap band”.

During a gastric band procedure, an inflatable silicone ring circled around the upper part of the stomach creates a pouch the size of a golf ball. The pouch decreases the size of your stomach and limits the amount of food that can be eaten. With a smaller stomach, you may not need to eat as much food to feel full. Your stomach will not send as many messages to your brain saying, “Feed me!” This in turn, means you’re able to shed pounds – fast - without feeling physically unsatisfied. The gastric band procedure is not always easy for a patient because there are many reasons for overeating – including sensory and emotion-based triggers- your desire to eat may not be synchronized with the size of your stomach. However, you won’t be able to eat as much because your stomach will not be capable of holding the food.

The bariatric band surgery requires commitment and frequent physician follow-ups to monitor its progress. If you weigh 300 pound prior to surgery you can reasonably expect to drop 120 pounds, or about 40% of excess weight. That is a lot of weight and a life altering and potentially life-saving change towards better health.

Amazing Benefits of the Gastric Banding Procedure

  • The procedure is adjustable allowing the physician to tighten or loosen the band to achieve desired results.
  • The procedure is reversible
  • Immediate, highly effective weight loss and health benefits
  • Evidence supports long-term weight loss maintained after 15 years to be an average of 60 pounds (Annals of Surgery, January 2013)
  • Minimal to non-visible scarring
  • Out-patient procedure requiring no hospitalization

The miVIP Los Angeles Surgical Center - Safety Precautions, Surgeons & Technology

Safety Precautions - Medical clearance requirements are approved by our Directors of Surgery who identify patients that can safely undergo bariatric outpatient surgery. Our Directors of Surgery are university physicians who are leaders in outpatient surgery and are involved in teaching other surgeons worldwide. A compliance and follow-up bariatric program is assigned to help ensure patient’s success.

World-class gastric band surgeons - We want our patients to have complete confidence in our ability to perform minimally invasive procedures with the best possible outcomes. We recruit and employ only the most experienced, world-class, Board Certified surgeons.

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment- At miVIP Los Angeles, we feature top-of-the-line facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, including the innovative da Vinci® SI Surgical System. As an outpatient facility providing hospital-level surgical procedures, our attention to detail with respect to both the surgeon and the patient's needs is an essential priority of our facility.

Robotic gastric banding surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System offers distinct advantages over the laparoscopic (traditional, non-robotic) surgery.

  • 3D camera allows surgeon to better view the surgical area
  • Robotic assisted “hands” create tiny, minimally-scarring incisions
  • Precise, tremor controlled, surgical movements for finer precision and outcomes
  • Fewer risks and complications
  • Less trauma to the tissues of the body and faster recovery

Should you Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Since there are different weight loss methods there is no general approach to bariatric surgery. Your individual situation needs to be considered carefully by a physician. If you are struggling with weight loss, have a body mass index greater than 40, or have a weight related health condition-such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease - surgery is a practical option that should be seriously considered as a matter of quality of life.


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